Service Packages

We offer packages from full service floral design all the way to a complete do-it-yourself package, and everything in between. You'll be sure to find your perfect fit.

Full Service Floral Design

Includes delivery, set up, and tear down of all event florals and decor

Dahlia Package

Includes rentals, flowers, and a hands-on, private "Flower Shower" workshop

Delphinium Package

Includes rentals, flowers, and instructional videos on how to create a bouquet, boutonniere, and basic centerpiece 

Daisy Package Decor Bundles

Make decorating for your next event a breeze with our curated rental decor bundles.

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Delphinium Packages Flower + Decor Bundles

Get your containers, mechanics and flowers all in one place with our curated floral and decor bundles. 

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