Sara, her spouse, and their five-year-old daughter Alice purchased a 3,000-square-foot building on St. Peter’s main drag in mid-2017. With 27 years of experience in theatrical construction and design, freelance artistry and bespoke tailoring, she was eager to branch out (pun intended) into a new artistic medium. Thanks to a 21 year friendship with third generation florist James Lowe she had the mentorship she needed to start a shop of her own. Pulling from her decades of experience in customer service, management, and retail shop ownership, she settled on a vision and got to work building Sweet Alice.

After years of growing Sweet Alice, Sara branched her wedding and event design side of business into Golden Afternoon Design Co. While clients will still receive the same beautiful florals that Sara has always designed for her clients, Golden Afternoon Design Co. allows more flexibility and more service options with rentals, DIY packages, and full service design.